When budgeting to purchase new carpet for your Meridian home, don’t forget to include the cost of quality padding. One of the most important ways to ensure long life for carpet is by installing a long-lasting, cushioned underlayment. In years to come, you’ll be thankful for investing in this protection, not only for the longevity of the carpet but also for the comfort of your ankles, knees and hips.

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Longer Carpet Life

A popular analogy for explaining the importance of carpet padding is asphalt on a bridge. It doesn’t matter how sturdy the asphalt is if there is no foundation to support it. Likewise, if there is no cushiony layer between the bottom of carpet and the floor, or if the padding is inadequate, the carpet backing will break. This causes wrinkles on the carpet’s surface and makes the fibers wear more rapidly. The result is unattractive. With high-quality carpet padding, however, you can ensure your floor covering stands the test of time.

Types of Carpet Padding

The type of padding material you select is partly governed by your carpet warranty. If the manufacturer requires a certain kind of material, such as a flat, dense synthetic felt for Berber carpet, you must choose it or lose warranty protection.

Types of padding materials include urethane foam, frothed foam, memory foam, re-bond (bonded urethane or polyurethane), fiber, waffle rubber and slab rubber.

Carpet Padding Materials to Avoid:

  • Carpet often will come with urethane foam at no extra charge. However, it provides weak support and may only last about four years.
  • Memory foam is also weak on durability and support. Although it has a comfortable give at first, its squishiness causes carpet to last only about ten years.
  • Felt padding is a good all-natural option, and it is occasionally the padding required by a carpet manufacturer’s warranty. However, the natural fibers can quickly attract mold and mildew if exposed to moisture. A more durable option is felt pads that are coated on one side with rubber or latex to hold shape and resist moisture.

Preferred Carpet Padding Materials:

  • Frothed foam is so durable it may last through two installations of carpet. However, it is an expensive option.
  • Waffle rubber and slab rubber are also long-lasting yet expensive choices. Of the two, slab holds up the longest.
  • The best general choice due to durability, cost and springiness is re-bond padding. It’s made from recycled materials and comes in a variety of grades and densities.

Aside from selecting padding based on types of materials, you need to consider thickness and density. Standard thickness is 7/16″. Thicker padding makes installation difficult. Low pile and Berber carpet require thinner padding for best wear.

Material density is judged based on pounds per cubic foot. Density generally ranges from 3 to 10 pounds per cubic foot, with 6 pounds being a good choice for softness underfoot and 8 pounds being the preferred option for areas with high traffic.

Get Started

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