berber carpet in boiseWhat Is It?

Berber carpets were originally made in North Africa from camel hair, which was hand-woven into beautiful and practical rugs and cloaks. Today, modern Berber carpets are known for their small loop design, and the term Berber is commonly used to describe any style of looped carpet. Berber carpets are often made using either olefin or nylon fiber, and serve as a great addition to any Boise home.

Berber Carpet Pros

A major advantage of Berber is its price point. Although all carpets start as loop pile, cut pile carpets, like frieze, are made by cutting the top off loops, which adds another step to the carpet making process resulting in a higher price. Comparably, Berber carpet requires fewer steps to manufacture, one of the reasons why it can be more affordable.

Another advantage of this carpet type is its resistance to stains and spills. Liquids tend to sit at the top of the carpet due to the loop pile design instead of sinking into its fibers.

Berber Carpet Cons

The loop design of Berber carpet is one of its greatest advantages, and it makes this carpet style affordable and resistant to stains. Unfortunately, this same design also serves as one of the carpet’s disadvantages because it can be prone to snagging, something that isn’t a problem for cut pile carpets.

Berber carpet may not be the best choice for homeowners with cats or dogs because their nails often snag on the loops, which may lead to eventual fiber unraveling and the need for repairs. One solution is to buy Berber woven into smaller loops that results in fewer snags, or to consider purchasing Berber made specifically of nylon fibers that tend to be more durable.

Here at Floor Coverings International Treasure Valley we would love to help you find the right Berber carpet for your home. We proudly serve the Boise, Meridian, Nampa areas and offer free consultations and estimates. Berber is a great option for any living room, bedroom, stairway, or basement.

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