Boise’s boldest homeowners are going retro-chic with shag carpeting! If you’re thinking about something different to fulfill your carpeting needs you should consider shag. This retro gem is sometimes called cable-yarn, and current upgrades on the 70s style are sure to make a splash in any space. At Floor Coverings International Treasure Valley, we considered all the ins-and-outs of shag carpeting so you don’t have to. Read on to learn if this carpet could be right for you.

Shag Carpet in Treasure Valley

What is Shag Carpet?

Shag carpet is defined by its extremely deep pile, which creates that hallmark shaggy appearance. Shag rugs are famously associated with the swingin’ 70s, but modern versions are a great style statement for a variety of decors. Shag carpets are commonly made of wool or synthetic fibers.

Benefits of Shag Carpet

The top benefit of shag is style, with comfort and softness coming in at a close second. Depending on the color, shag carpets can add opulence or classy-kitsch to your space. Choose a neutral hue for that plush, luxury look and a bold color for the more retro vibe.

Whatever color you choose, your shag carpet will offer softness that you can sink your feet into. For a truly decadent living room, try shag carpeting with an arrangement of cushion seating and low-slung, fabric recliners. You and your guests will enjoy indulging in this uniquely relaxing lounge experience.

Some Considerations

Shag carpeting is a great choice for homeowners when style and uniqueness are top concerns. However, this type of carpet poses some tricky issues for pet owners and those with allergies. The loose, shaggy fibers are tempting playthings for cats and dogs, and pets can damage this carpet with their claws. The texture of shag can also be hard to clean, leading to trapped dust and dander.

Luckily, those worried about damage and dust can try out this style with low-stakes area rugs. A pop of shag is easy to replace if it gets damaged or dingy. Larger rugs will offer a more opulent look, but this can be a big investment that might not be right for every homeowner.

Get the Look for Your Home

Call Floor Coverings International Treasure Valley today to learn more about shag rugs and other carpeting options. We can’t wait to help you get the perfect flooring for your Boise home!

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