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Historically, carpet was a luxury reserved for the wealthiest Americans. After the Second World War, improvements in manufacturing and an abundance of oil lowered the cost of carpeting, making it accessible for most homeowners. Many families replaced their traditional hardwood flooring with wall-to-wall carpeting made from polyester, nylon, acrylic, or polypropylene.

Although these materials remain popular today, many of our Boise customers want a chic, stylish carpet that is made from natural materials, like wool. Here is everything ewe need to know about wool carpeting.

How is wool made?

Wool is sustainably sourced from sheep. Australia and New Zealand produce about one-third of wool globally, shortly followed by China—a relative newcomer to the world of wool—and then the United States. The vast majority of American sheep are raised in California and Texas.

Sheep spend the year grazing on grass and growing out their luscious manes. Once a year, they are sheered. This is a painless procedure during which their wool is removed. Then it’s back to the farm until next year.

The raw wool is sterilized, combed through, spooled, and spun into yarn. These plys are woven together to manufacture wool carpeting. There are many types of sheep, but wool carpeting is usually derived from courser haired varieties, including, Elliotdale, Romney, Drysdale, and Lincoln.

What are wool’s benefits?

Wool is an excellent material for carpeting. Some of its main benefits include:

  • Wool is soft and warm. It feels great underneath your feet. It also helps insulate your home, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.
  • It lacks static electricity. You may be shocked to learn this, but certainly not by the wool itself.
  • Wool carpeting comes in deep, beautiful colors. Wool can be dyed any color, but this trait also makes it more susceptible to staining.
  • It’s environmental friendly. It is a highly sustainable carpeting option with a low carbon footprint.

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