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At Floor Coverings International Treasure Valley, many of our Boise customers choose hardwood for their new custom floors. Hardwood floors radiate warmth, beauty, and tradition. However, many Boise homeowners want the look and feel of hardwood, but they don’t want to worry about warping from moisture. Wood-look vinyl is the perfect solution.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely versatile. It comes in tiles and large sheets. It can feature any conceivable design, from oak with a dark finish to a light maple. While laminate consists of 99 percent particleboard and one percent plastic, vinyl flooring consists almost entirely of PVC plastic. Much like laminate, vinyl flooring is made up of many layers. Its base layer is padded foam, to create a soft feel underfoot. This makes vinyl great for kitchens and other rooms where extended standing is common. A printed design layer comes next, with the hardwood pattern, followed by a final finishing layer to protect it. These layers are bonded together with heat and pressure.


Durability. Vinyl flooring is designed to stand up to years of use. Many large families and folks with pets choose vinyl for its strength and longevity.

Style. Wood-look vinyl can faithfully reproduce any species of hardwood tree, grain, and finish. “Weathered” and “unfinished” wood-look vinyl is also available, as well as variable-width and plank options.

Affordability. Wood-look vinyl is more affordable than both hardwood and laminate. However, it does not have hardwood’s longevity because vinyl cannot be refinished. Another reason for vinyl’s affordable cost is that professionals can quickly install it in any room.

Learn from the Experts

At Floor Coverings International Treasure Valley, we carry hundreds of vinyl flooring options. Many of our Boise clients enjoy comparing flooring samples from the comfort of their own homes. That’s why they choose our mobile design studio option. Call today for a free in-home design consultation!

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